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ST Multi

Stereo merger/splitter


  • • stereo audio signal merger/splitter
  • • switchable inputs/outputs
  • • left-right mid-side converter

ST Multi is an audio merger splitter device. It has 8 audio pair input and 8 audio pair output, So it can merge and/or split 8 signals at once.

Each input and output channel can be enabled/disabled individually, and of course this enabling/disabling is automatable.

With Smoothing settings we can adjust the volume fading when a channel is turned on or off.

The device hard clips the output signal. The clipping level can be set on th UI as well.

ST Multi can convert the signal from left-right signals to mid-side signals back and forth. If the conversion is turned on and the input signal is a left-right pair, then the output will be a mid-side pair, and if the input signal is a mid-side pair, then the output will be a left-right. (Because of the energy conservation type of conversion, there are no gain boost or gain loss during the conversion (of course, when you using this device for both conversion :) ) )

For Reason effect devices (if it has stereo output), if only one input (eg left) is connected, the device have utilize this signal as the secondary input (eg right) as well. In the modular world it is called as “Normalled connection”. ST Multi isnt an effect, but by default, it is working in this way, but you can turn this off by a checkbox on the back side.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible