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Steerpike BBD Delay Ensemble

Pro BBD-Modelled Delay

Jiggery-Pokery Sound

  • • 3 x Stereo-In or 6 x Mono-In Delays
  • • Realistic BBD Performance
  • • Reverse Delay Mode

Audio examples

Steerpike 3 is a free upgrade for Steerpike 2 owners until 30th September!

Turn on the taps with Steerpike v3, the original Bucket Brigade Delay (BBD) delay, exclusively for Reason.

With exceptional ease-of-use and an “at a glance” approach, with nine delay topologies, including cross stereo, ping-pong and serial/parallel mixed-modes, version 3 further enhances the creative delay possibilities, making Steerpike your go-to multi-channel FX delay.

Inspired by classic delay pedals, each of Steerpike’s BBD lines can be played forward or reversed. New serial modes allow reverse delays with stereo feedback, providing a level of flexibility in delay sculpting previously unheard of in Reason. Its exceptional level of delay time and tempo sync control provides support for the widest range of tempos yet. Whether you want a delay time of 16/2, 1/256, 3/11, 1/5, 2/9, the default 3/16, or almost anything in between, just dial it in, or use millisecond/second timing, or even set a number BBD stages!

Version 3 furthers the creative possibilities by adding a modelled vintage reverb and a resonant FX Filter that can be inserted before or after the delay lines, or directly into the feedback loops of individual channels, plus two addtional LFOs to modulate them.

Up to 8 seconds of delay are available per channel—that’s an astonishing 48 seconds of delay time possible using a six-channel Serial mode!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible