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Stimulant Subharmonic Generator

Sounds from the deep!


  • • Two Subharmonics in one device
  • • Dual function display (meters & sound source)
  • • Find your sound's inner depths

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Get deep down and low with Lab:One's exclusive sub harmonic generator

Product details

Lab:One Recordings brings to you a revered classic effect as pert of the new PATRIOT range. This unit can help give that extra weight and depth to your current sounds. Immerse yourself with deeper harmonics, all generated from your original sound signal.

As with all Patriot range units, Stimulant comes with a dual function display, allowing you to monitor your signals pre and post processing, plus the extra function to select the source to generate your harmonics.

Stimulant comes with not one but two dedicated sub harmonics generators. With mono and dual operation (source selection dependent), Stimulant can give your existing sounds that extra low end that most sound designers aspire to find and create. All within a neat simple 1U rack unit.

Additional features include:

Input gain : +-18dB input trim Harmonic 1 & 2: 1 octave and 2 octaves below your fundamental, with the ability to add in phase or out of phase with your original signal Focus: Frequency dependent enhancing to get even more weight domination Boost: Harmonic drive control to make the harmonics louder again Mix: Blend and control the dry signal to full on ground-shaking frequencies

Phase flip: invert the total signal Monitor: listen to the sub harmonics only (ideal if using as a send effect) Clip: safely use more drive without creating overs

Compatible with Propellerhead Reason 7 and upwards

Don't just take our word for it. Try STIMULANT now for 30 days and get those speakers throbbing like no other

v1.0.1: Minor DSP improvements



Released: 2019-05-15
Version: 1.0.1