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Synapse AP-12 Analog Phaser

Ap-12 Analog Phaser

Synapse Audio

  • • Analog-Modeled Phaser
  • • Up to 12 Phasing Stages
  • • Tempo Sync

Audio examples

The Synapse AP-12 is a very musical sounding 6/12 stage phaser effect emulating vintage analog hardware.

Product details

The Synapse AP-12 emulates vintage analog phasers, which are composed of a series of phase shifting stages with a feedback path wrapped around them. The phase shifting stages (switchable between 6 and 12 stages) are modulated by a LFO, which can be synchronized to the current song tempo. In contrast to most hardware phasers, the AP-12 employs a stereo signal path, allowing the LFO to use different phases on the left and right channel, and thus creating a nice stereo effect. Furthermore, the feedback can be set to both positive and negative amounts, each resulting a in different timbre.



Released: 2013-01-30
Version: 1.0.2