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VAC-6 Volume Analyzer & Controller

Analyze/Control Volume


Analyze and Control your volume!

The pongasoft VAC-6 Volume Analyzer & Controller is a 2U FREE utility/effect that lets you analyze and control the peak volume of a signal.

Volume analyzer (peak levels)

2 different kinds of analyzer:

  • an LCD screen shows the peak volume history as a bar graph (adjustable from 5s to 30s)
  • 3 numeric displays show the peak volume as a value (in dB) which happened during 3 independent and adjustable measurement windows (from 20ms to 30s)
  • display ok/soft clipping/hard clipping levels
  • numeric displays visible when the device is folded

Volume controller

2 volume knobs lets you control the volume

  • one can be used to set global level, the other for automation
  • both can be fully automated
  • visible when the device is folded

As an example, the device can be used before exporting your track for mastering and making sure that no levels exceed -6dB by setting the soft clipping level to -6dB: any value above this threshold will be represented as an orange bar/number.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible