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Valley Plateau

Lush Plate Reverb


  • • Plate Reverb

Valley Plateau is a lush plate reverb rack extension for Reason based on the famous Dattorro (1997) design, and is designed to make a dry, lifeless patch sound lush, deep and spacious. However, unlike other reverberators, Valley Plateau attempts to go beyond, providing a wide variety of control combinations and options.

This is an authorised port of the popular module for the VCV Rack ecosystem.


Bug Fixes:

  • “Predelay CV Sensitivity” switch was inverted (so 0.5 was swapped with unity)
    NOTE: This will only affect saves or patches if you were varying the “PreD CV” Input with a CV.
    If so, just toggle the Predelay CV Sensitivity button if you did and want to keep the same sound variation from the CV input as before.

UI Fixes:

  • Swapped In and Out positions
  • Made the UI lines that join elements together twice the thickness
  • Some minor placement tweaks
Mac OS compatible Windows compatible