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WTFM Wavetable FM Synthesizer

Modern Wavetable FM


  • • 4 Operators, 24 Algorithms, WT / FM engine
  • • 450+ Wavetables (30.000+ waveforms)
  • • Synthesis modes: FM WTMod, RingMod, FilterMod

Audio examples

WTFM is not an FM synthesizer in the traditional sense.
Rather it is a hybrid synthesizer which uses the flexibility of Wavetables in combination with FM synthesizer Operators.
WTFM Wavetable FM Synthesizer produces complex harmonics by modulating the various selectable WT waveforms of the oscillators using further oscillators (operators).
Imagine the flexibility of the FM Operators using this method. Wavetables are a powerful way to make FM synthesis much more interesting.
WTFM is based on the classical Amp, Pitch and Filter Envelopes with AHDSR settings. PRE and POST filters include classical HP/BP/LP modes. 6 FXs (Vocoder / EQ Band / Chorus / Delay / Reverb) plus a Limiter which adds total control for the signal and colours of the Wavetable FM synthesis.
Operators Include 450+ Wavetables (each 64 singlecycle waveforms) all sorted into individual Categories.
The synthesizer includes a basic Modulation matrix for the main settings, special FX mod matrix, and also individual modulation routings to the various synthesizer elements.
WTFM includes 5 special modes:

Traditional Wavetable (WT) synthesis. 4 oscillators, each including 450+ Wavetables sorted into categories.
Classical 4-OP FM synthesis: each operator use 450+ Wavetables to modulate other operators in various routing variations of 24 FM Algorithms.
FM WT MOD SYNTHESIS: The selected Wavetable modulates the frequency of the FM Operators (Tune / Ratio).
RINGMOD Synthesis: The selected Wavetable modulates the Levels of the FM Operators similarly to a RingMod
FILTER FM Synthesis: The selected Wavetable modulates the Filter Frequency of the synthesizer.

This is a modern FM synthesizer with easy to program traditional AHDSR envelopes, four LFO lines, powerful modulations, internal effects, 24 FM algorithms. Based on the internal wavetable’s library with rich waveform content: 32 categories, 450+ wavetables (each with 64 single-cycle waveforms), up to 30,000 waveforms in all.

Classical oldschool FM synthesizers give control of the Operator Levels and Ratio as a main function. WTFM additionaly works with the Operators, morphing waveforms of the selected wavetable. The era of oldschool FM synthesis is now moving to the future.
Should you wish however, you can of course go back to its origins using the included classical waveforms

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible