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  • A Blog
    A message to all music makers with a Reason license from our keep-it-simple-promoter, Sara!

    Goodbye Authorizer, Hello Companion! Hi Reason gang! Today we’re happy to tell you that Reason+ Companion has become Reason Companion and replaced Authorizer for all Reason 12 music makers. Now everyone will handle their Rack Extensions in the same way, no matter if you own a license or are a Reason+ subscriber. A positive effect […]

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  • Join Blog
    Join the Reason remix challenge!

    Want to join our band!? Take part in the Reason Halloween Livestream’s remix challenge. Just download the track stems to the song “Window” from our latest video with Reason Studios crew Ryan, Lisa and Maja. Once you’ve got the tracks, just go to town remixing, reimagining, and reshaping our song into any genre or style […]

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  • Generate Blog
    Generate melodies faster — here’s how

    Writing a new song can be an exhilarating experience. It can also be a major pain in the you-know-what. We all want more of the former situation and less of the latter, right? Watch this video, where the excellent Chris Reed takes you on a deep dive into melody writing and shows you how you […]

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  • Learn Blog
    Learn bass sound design from INFEKT

    INFEKT is an established dubstep artist and DJ who also happens to be a great tutor. He was kind enough to make these two awesome videos for our YouTube channel where he shares some tricks to elevate your dubstep sound design in Reason. When you want something out of the ordinary, reach for Parsec 2. […]

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  • Explore Blog
    Explore Mind-Blowing Rack Extensions and Spark Instant Inspiration!

    With the introduction of Rack Extensions back in 2012, Reason Studios opened its doors to a vibrant ecosystem of talented developers who could bring their unique perspectives and creative approaches to the table. These developers, armed with their extensive knowledge and technical skills, craft mind-blowing instruments, effects, and utilities that seamlessly blend with Reason’s modular […]

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  • Objekt Blog
    Objekt Song Challenge

    What’s it all about? Are you up for a challenge? Let’s all produce a track using ONLY Objekt and showcase our unique skills and creativity. All genres and styles are welcome, this is a perfect opportunity to get even deeper with Objekt and explore its many cool features and capabilities.   What can I win? […]

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  • Synthesize Blog
    Synthesize reality: introducing Objekt Modeling Synthesizer

    Oh boy, this is a big one! I’m very excited to finally introduce our new instrument: Objekt Modeling Synthesizer, a new Rack Extension designed for real acoustic sounds—familiar or yet unheard. Like most devices we make, Objekt started with a need. When talking to producers, diving into the charts, and exploring underground genres I realized […]

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  • Reason Blog
    Reason 12.6 – Reason everywhere

    The 12.6 update includes native support for Apple Silicon and a new offline mode, both of which are designed to improve performance and workflow. Reason now runs with up to 50% better performance on Apple Silicon computers (M1/M2). We have been working hard to bring you this feature, and we know you have been waiting […]

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  • Roadmap update Blog
    Roadmap update from CEO Niklas Agevik

    Hello #ReasonGang! I want to start off by saying a big thank you to everyone who signed up to help beta test the VST3 support in Reason. Thanks to your help the team is now squashing bugs faster than John Bonham can hit a bass drum. At the same time, we have also been working […]

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