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AngryComp Overdriven Compressor

Wild & Angry Over/Comp


  • • Wide range of destruction with analogue charm
  • • Compressor with Sidechain and Unison Spectre (c)
  • • Create power-distorted sound from any source

Audio examples

Introducing a new overdrive effect with a nice range of destruction colors. It is not just an Overdrive, but a much more complex hybrid effect for any kind of sounds.
An Overdriven signal can sound even more interesting if it uses a compressor. These days you can find a few interesting solutions with the use of guitar effects pedals. Many people find this effect very useful to destroy the signal, correcting it in a few ways, and then compressing it. ANGRYCOMP can be easily used to change the sound of a piano, pad, or other similar sound sources into a very hard sound, like a distorted guitar.

The AMP section includes complex solutions to break up your signal.
The unique MADNESS function changes the color of the sound. The Mutate knob adds distortion to the booster. The Nature knob makes the signal sounds like a real analogue and is useful with any kind of incoming instruments/samples.
The second section is the Compressor, which can work as a punchy compressor, but also has a Sidechain Mode. Sidechaining can help you to create new rhythmic lines of instrument by using other rhythmic tracks in the project as a sidechain source.
The Compressor also includes a configurable Envelope Detector section to create rules for how curves can change the sound. Unison Spectre (c) helps to create an absolutely amazing and wide sound at the device output.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible