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BadStorm Phase Shifter

6-Stage Phase Shifter


  • • Lush, sweeping modulation & rich tonal character
  • • Three Distinct Models: Vintage to modern phasing
  • • Customization: Waveforms, ReTrig, Invert, etc

Audio examples

Introducing the BadStorm Phase Shifter, inspired by the legendary EHX™ BadStone phaser pedal.
BadStorm brings a modern twist to a classic sound, packed with powerful new features and expanded capabilities for the discerning audio enthusiast.

The Electro-Harmonix™ BadStone, released in the 1970s, was a groundbreaking phaser pedal known for its lush, sweeping modulation and rich tonal character. It quickly became a favorite among guitarists and producers for its ability to add depth and movement to any sound, creating a unique sonic texture that defined many classic recordings. Its six-stage phasing and manual phase control set a new standard in the world of modulation effects.

The BadStorm Phase Shifter builds upon the iconic sound of the original Bad Stone, adding a wealth of new features and enhancements that push the boundaries of what a phaser can do. Whether you’re looking to recreate the vintage warmth of the original or explore new sonic territories, BadStorm is your ultimate phase-shifting tool.

Three Distinct Models with own sweep range:
- Mk-I: Inspired by the rev.1 of the original pedal (0.2-30 Hz).
- Mk-II: the classic sound of the original pedal, delivering the rich, creamy phases that defined an era (0&05-32 Hz).
- Mk-X: A modern take with an extended frequency range for broader and more dramatic phase effects (0.01-65 Hz).
Advanced Modulation Controls:
- Rate Sync: Sync the modulation rate to your project’s tempo for perfectly timed effects.
- Depth and Spread: Fine-tune the intensity and stereo spread of the phase modulation.
- Feedback and Feedback Cut: Control the resonance and eliminate low-frequency muddiness.
- Low-Pass and High-Pass Filters: Shape the tonal character of your phasing effect with precision.

Other & LFO Customization:
- Waveform Selection: Choose from various LFO waveforms to tailor the modulation to your needs.
- ReTrig and Invert Modulation: Add rhythmic complexity and reverse the modulation phase for unique soundscapes.
- Depth Modulation: Modulate the depth parameter itself for evolving and dynamic effects.
- Mix Control: Blend the wet and dry signals to achieve the perfect balance of effect and original tone.

BadStorm is designed for musicians and sound designers who demand versatility and quality. It offers both a nostalgic journey and a leap into new sonic dimensions. Whether you’re crafting ambient soundscapes, adding movement to your mixes, or looking for that perfect phaser sound, BadStorm delivers unmatched versatility and depth.

Experience the next evolution in phase shifting. Elevate your sound with BadStorm.

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