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BassPump Bass Preamp

Classic Bass Preamp


  • • Booster for bass guitar based on well-known pedal
  • • EQ with sweepable midrange
  • • Fresh tone of passive bass, enhance amp sound

Audio examples

The primary function of a bass preamp is to boost the signal from the bass guitar. This is necessary because the signal from the instrument can be quite weak, especially if it is being played through a long cable or if the pickups are not particularly strong. By boosting the signal, the preamp can help to ensure that the bass sound is strong and clear, with plenty of definition.
In addition to boosting the signal, a bass preamp can also provide a range of tone shaping options. Most preamps offer a variety of EQ controls, which can be used to adjust the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies. This can help to tailor the sound of the bass to suit a particular playing style or musical genre.
These additional EQ features can be used to further shape the sound of the bass.
Utilize it to introduce a fresh tone to a vintage passive bass, enhance the sound of any amplifier, or add a unique flavor to a specific track.
If you need to using only preamp and disable EQ, just set Bass, Mid and Treble level knobs to zero.
BassPump is a powerful helper for passive bass guitars.
BASSPUMP was been inpsired by well-known MXR® Bass Preamp™ pedal for bass signal modifiyng in live & studio tasks. It’s all about delivering super clean boost & equalisation with sweepable midrange control for your recordings.

Try out BASSPUMP as special spice to sculpt & boost your bass guitar signal with midrange freuency control for sweeten up any amp and add a new signal character.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible