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BlueDepth Epic Reverb Effect

Twiking SelfOsc Reverb


  • • Tweaking MultiVerb with self-oscillating decays
  • • Pitch-shifted spring reverb with buffer feedback
  • • Limiter/Maximizer control for feedbacks & overload

Audio examples

BLUEDEPTH is a modern creative effect which produces Epic Motion Reverberations. The device centers on the AirVerb, UnderwaterVerb and Submersion sections.
AirVerb: The crystal and airy part of the BlueDepth effect. This section produces beautiful additions to the processed signal ranging from short to amazingly long decay reverberations which add an element of rich sea breath to the sound.

Underwater Verb: With 14 selectable Verb characters, Underwater Verb creates fundamental depth reverberations which create a sense of underwater motions and the life of an unexplored sea world.
 Based on the spring reverb effect.

Parallel Verb: An additional parallel signal, processed by the AirVerb contour, is sent to the Underwater Verb. The sum of the Underwater Verb and the parallel signal is processed through the Submersion section and then routed back to the AirVerb section.

Submersion: is a 1-octave down pitch-shifter with feedback and buffer duration control. It adds unstable lower harmonics to the processed reverberated signal. It gives a rich basis for reverberated sound through the addition of low frequencies which help to produces an Epic Reverb effect.

The main role of this effect is creating long decay reverberations, which sometimes go to self-oscillation and overload the output signal. On the rear panel we have placed a Limiter which compresses the signal and maximizes it’s level with boosts of up to +60 dB. This not only preserves the signal strength without overloading, but also creates a punch effect.

BlueDepth is like a boutique effect for unbelievable Epic reverberations. Try it now in the Reason Rack!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible