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BXPRO550 Stereo Baxandall Equalizer

Baxandall Equalizer


  • • Baxandall Design with natural sound sculpt
  • • Image Shift: precise control over stereo width
  • • Freq shaping, fine-tuning for clarity & definition

The BXPRO550 stereo equalizer is indeed based on
the Baxandall filter designed in the 1950’s and named after its creator Peter Baxandall.

This type of equalizer circuit now commonly used in audio equipment, Hi-Fi manufacturers and the movie industry. It typically consists of two adjustable frequency bands: bass and treble. These bands allow users to adjust the levels of low and high frequencies independently,
providing control over the tonal balance of the audio signal. The Baxandall filter design is known for its simplicity and effectiveness in shaping the frequency response of audio systems.

BXPRO550 is inspired by the TFPRO™ 505 stereo equaliser module in the 500 series format.
This Stereo Equalizer is a versatile audio processing unit designed to provide precise control over the tonal characteristics of stereo audio signals. Featuring three distinct bands of equalization, the BXPRO550 empowers sculpting of the frequency response of audio
with ease and precision.

Three-band equalization: The EQ offers three bands of equalization, allowing users to adjust the levels of low, mid, and high frequencies independently.
Baxandall-inspired design: The low and high bands of the equalizer are based on the renowned Baxandall filter design, renowned for its musicality and smooth tonal shaping capabilities. Both of them are Baxandall Shelving filters.
Mid-band flexibility: The mid band of the EQ provides users with versatile control over the mid-range frequencies, offering options for precise adjustments to suit various audio sources and applications. Mid band is a parametric filter.
Stereo operation: The EQ operates in stereo mode, enabling simultaneous processing of left and right channels for coherent stereo equalization.
Character: EQ ensures transparent and musical sound shaping without introducing unwanted artifacts or distortion.
Intuitive controls: With intuitive control knobs for each frequency band, BXPRO550 makes it easy for users to dial in their desired sound quickly and effectively.

BXPRO550 offers professional-grade equalization capabilities in a compact and user-friendly package. Whether used in recording or home studios or live
sound environments, the BXPRO550 empowers audio professionals and enthusiasts alike in shaping their sound with precision and musicality.

BXPRO550 is absolutely free for Reason users

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible