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CleanBoost Clean Uncolored Booster

Classic Clean Booster


  • • Add headroom, clarity, accentuate the hi-end freqs
  • • Extra punch to high gain amp for coil or humbucker
  • • Returns sound of old Magnetic strength of pickups

Audio examples

The Boost pedal is a specially designed tool used to enhance your guitar’s signal without adding any unwanted overtones or overdrive. It is compatible with both single coil and humbucker
pickups and is capable of boosting the volume of your amp without causing it to overdrive or distort.
The benefits of using a Boost pedal are numerous. It can add more volume to your sound, providing
additional headroom, clarity, and flexibility to your tone. Additionally, it helps to preserve the high-end frequencies of your guitar, accentuating them for a more pronounced and defined sound. Whether you’re playing live or recording in the studio, the Boost pedal is an essential tool for any guitarist looking to elevate their sound to the next level.

A boost pedal is a must-have tool for any serious guitarist. Boost pedals can help to emphasize the low-end frequencies of a bass guitar, providing a more pronounced and defined sound. By adding more
volume and headroom, the Boost pedal can help a bassist to achieve a more dynamic and expressive
playing style.
For keyboardists, synthesizer players and vocalists, the Boost pedal can help to add more volume, depth, and clarity to their sound or voice.

CLEANBOOST, as with any real clean boost effect, functions as such: Starting with the CLEAR BOOST knob at 0 dB, rotate the knob clockwise to increase the boost level by up to +20 dB.
We have also added a PHASE INV button, which selects a stereophonic effect (inverting the phase of the second output).

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Mac OS compatible Windows compatible