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Drop and Lift Semitone Transpose FX

Creative Transpose FX


  • • Transpose in +/- 24 Semitones (halfsteps)
  • • 7 modes with 2 tune lines, linear/parallel routing
  • • Dry/Wet, Resolution and Smooth for creative use

Audio examples

DROP’N’LIFT is a creative multimode semitone transpose effect, that can help you re-tune your instrument from 1 semitone (halfstep) up to 2 octaves up or down and much more.
Drop tune and Lift tune - is what this device is designed to do. It is a polyphonic re-tuning effect for any kind of audio signal. The device changes the tuning in intervals as an integer number of halftones.

The device draws inspiration from the famous red guitar pedal with Drop Tune functionality. This helps to transpose the input signal of a guitar (or any other signal source) by semitones. This functionality is the main feature of the device, but much bigger additional features are available and totally change the main idea of a simple transpose effect.

DROP’N’LIFT works with two separate Tune lines (Line A and Line B). Both lines can transpose the incoming signal in the range -24 / 0 / +24 semitones (half-steps) separately (in linear or parallel mode) . The device includes 7 modes:

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible