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DrwSat76 Triple Band Saturation

3-Band Saturation FX


  • • Gradual distortion from subtle to an extreme level
  • • 3-band Saturation and adjustable stereo Width
  • • 2 variable crossover filters between 3 bands

Audio examples

DRWSAT76 is a 3-band stereo saturation and width processor, that was inspired by the original hardware effect processor Drawmer™ 1976® with some additions, that helps to recreate popular sound of the 1970’s.
3 bands of independent saturation and width control allow you to add a warm and bright sound, and a deep presence to your mix.

Saturation - gradual distortion of the signal, an effect that can change the sound of your mix and tracks, adding a subtle form of distortion which adds harmonics to your signal.
Today, in the era of digital and sterile sounds, DRWSAT76 allows you to add this warm character in a natural way.

3 Bands of independent Saturation effects can help basslines stand out, adding presence and grit without ruining balance by adding distortion to the top end frequencies. Vocals can also be enhanced without making the bottom sound muddy.

3 Bands of Width processing add an extra dimension transforming your mix from flat wall sound to a 3D experience.
Low, Mid and High bands can be controlled independently by widening or monogizing them.

Each band includes Mute and Bypass buttons, which allow muting of frequency ranges of the signal, or for bypassing selected band saturation & width processing. 

Density adjusts the distortion curve character to your taste and needs (from concave to convex).

The Limiter routes the output signal to the hard clipping limiter, to keeps the level in check, with a fixed 0 dBFS.

Try DRWSAT76, the easy-to-use 3 band Saturation & Width fx processor with configurable distortion curve, stereo image and two crossover filters with 6/12/24 db/Oct slope.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible