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EQ6T 6-Band Equalizer

6-band Equalizer


  • • Brings transparency, presence at the highest level
  • • Saving natural sound of the signal. TAAG mode
  • • The modern view of the legendary hardware

EQ6T was inspired by the well-known blue EQ and designed with some changes which assist shaping of the EQ bands. EQ6T provides unparalleled transparency and top-end presence, preserving the natural sound of the signal. The EQ works with minimal phase shift, and the ATMO Band (AirBand™ inpired) interacts with the other bands.

The EQ6T‘s band passes all interact with each other.

The summing of the band passes and the ATMO band is central to the design and is what ensures the integrity of the sound. If you turn five bandpass knobs to an equal position, the EQ6 will retain the same EQ shape and just change level.

Blend in the shiny highs of the ATMO Band to your original signal and hear your signal open up from this band.

The history of the original hardware EQ from Cliff Maag © (as most of the musical equalizers ever made) started in 1993 with the introduction of the “AIR BAND”™ to the audio world in the EQ3™. Later, with the release of the EQ4™, this magical EQ gained more power, headroom, and control.

Turn2on’s “EQ6T” Rack Extension is a versatile and powerful take on a legendary piece of hardware (with own EQ curve charactreristics, but also include the emualtion of the original hardware device in special TAAG mode). It retains the basic functionality with some changes and additions of band shapers, with level trim control of the output signal. With EQ6T, you can use clear control to preserve the natural sound of the signal

Try the EQ6T 6-Band Equalizer as part of your Reason Rack today.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible