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FlangerDbl BlueFace Vari-Delay

Flanger / Doubler fx


  • • Legend
  • • Sweep Speed (Hz) & Synced modes. Phase Invertion

Audio examples

At the end of the 70s, there was one fx company leading the way when it came to innovations in digital sound technology.
FlangerDbl Vari-Delay FX is inspired by the famous “Blueface” series Flanger rackmount effect from MXR™, produced at the end of the 70s.

FlangerDbl Vari-Delay FX is a precise time delay unit which can be used to produce a wide range of effects. FX offer a flexible system of controls which provide freedom for creative expression. Features include Frequency Sweep and Width controls, a mix control and a Regeneration Control which adds intensity and multiple repeats for doubling and echoe effects.
FlangerDbl provides a Manual control over delay that can switch between Flanger and Doubler modes.

FlangerDbl Vari-Delay also adds some new features. Sweep Speed can be synced to the project tempo in Flanger and Doubler modes and a Phase Invert button provides an extra trick for shaping the final sound.
 Also include additonal Output, Dry and Wet level controls.

FlangerDbl offers the user infinite varieties and combinations of flanging, hard reverberation, vibrato, chorus and doubling effects.

FlangerDbl faithfully reproduces the time delay range of the original hardware “Blueface” pro-series rackmount module from 1979.

As a new player in the 1970s pro audio industry, MXR™ looked to their guitar pedal roots coming up with a design of rackmount gear, which was fresh, memorable and very colorurful. Many of us who were there at the time remember fondly the “BlueFace” Pro Audio Rackmount Series.

With update 1.1.1, device includes 2 modern Flanger modes: ModernFlanger (wide time range) and MicroFlanger (micro time range).

Turn2on FlangerDbl Vari-Delay fx Rack Extension is a modern take on the “BlueFace” Flanger. It retains the basic functionality and character of the original module with the addition of some new features.

Try this FlangerDbl Vari-Delay fx as part of your Reason Rack today.

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