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Ghammy Harm / Pitch-Shifter

Neo Classic Shifter


  • • Classic Pitch & Harm Shifter with Dry/Wet control
  • • Granular engine with 5 Pitch-Mutation modes
  • • Smooth, Delay with Feedback, HP filter, Limiter

Audio examples

The GHAMMY effect is inspired by the famous guitar / bass pedal WhammyTM where we have enhanced the original with more features in the same vain. GHAMMY includes three fundamental modes: pitch shifting (GHAMMY), harmonizer (HARMY) and DETUNE.

Basic functionality is the main feature of the device, but additional features are available which totally change the main idea of the original effect. 

GHAMMY works with two separate modes (BY MODE and DRY/WET). If the device is set to the “BY MODE” setting, the processed signal is presented as only WET. If the device is set to the “DRY/WET” setting, the DRY/ WET proportions can be set manually.

The Mono/Poly switcher selects between the classic algorithm MONO for single notes with somewhat glitchy sound and POLY for bending of full chords with phase-align shifting.

The DRY/WET functionality adds a dry and wet control for mixing incoming and processed signals for any of three modes (Ghammy / Harmy / Detune) instead of the original pedal with only a WET signal at pitch shifting, and mix of Dry/Wet at harmonizer. If you
set the DRY/ WET control to 50%, it simulates a 12 string guitar fx.

The heart of the effect are the GRANULAR Pitch Settings. The Granular engine includes 5 Mutation modes that totally change the character of the Harmonizer and Pitch-Shifter bendings. The Resolution parameter can set a delay size in ms or quarter notes, to optimise the pitch shifting effect. 

The Granular section includes a delay effect for grains with feedback, limiter/saturation control and high-pass filter. Low-pass filter helps to stop feedback overloading. The Granular pitch shifter can reproduce grains with Vector parameters (Forward, Reverse, Mixed and Random modes) and support Quantization of grains.

This is a new vision to the very classic and popular pitch- shifter pedal that we love, with powerful additions. 

GHAMMY is not only a Guitar pitch-shifter effect. It can also be a Synthesizer Sub/Hi generator, an Octave generator with crossfades, a creative granular pitch- shifter, harmonizer and a powerful detune (chorus/ flanger) effect with various sound mutations from the original signal.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible