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GrainShift Delay PitchShifter

Granular Pitch-Shifter


  • • Granular PitchShifter (± 2 oct) with Delay
  • • Flexible Granular Reverse Mutation
  • • Reverser, Limiter, Filter, Crasher & Panner

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Audio examples

Introducing a powerful granular effect for real time processing of audio signals with pitch-shifter and delay. With GRAINSHIFT you can select the position and length of grains that you get from the incoming signal, as well as the playback direction of grains that can be pitch-shifted and mixed with the dry signal.
Grain size has a range from 0-800ms and the size of grains can be relative to tempo. Grains can also have random size variations. Density can be adjusted to vary the overlap between grains from 0 to 4X. Grains can be quantized to a beat grid. One of the unique features of this granular effect is that grains can be played back in Forward, Reverse and Random modes for each grain.
The pitch of grains can be shifted up to ±2 octaves. Grains can be subtracted with an alternative pitch.

With PAN settings, grains can have pan for each grain which can also be randomized.
A major function of the device’s architecture is the DELAY section. It adds a more flexible and complex solution to work with grains. The Delay has Time options (seconds or synced to beats), randomised grain position in the delayed signal and feedback from grain to the delay input.
The Granular effect stores the incoming audio in its internal buffer and splits it into short pieces (grains) which are then processed with delay, pan, pitch shifting and can be played in various ways.

Try this real-time Granular Pitch-shifter effect in your Reason rack today!

Product details

This granular pitch-shifter effect can create from your sound a whole new material. Besides standard panorama and pitch shifting, GRAINSHIFT can also create delay transformations to build grain web.


  • Real-Time Granular Engine
  • Grain Size up to 800ms
  • Playback direction modes: Forward, Revese, Forward/Reverse Alternative, Random
  • 6 Grain Parameters (Size, Direction, Grid Snap, Temp Sync, Density, Random)
  • Pitch-shifter (Main pitch for 2 octaves, Alternative and Random pitches, De-Glitch)
  • Delay (Time, Sync [sec/beats], Feedback, Random)
  • Pan (Alternative and Random)
  • Limiter (Release and HP filter)
  • Crash (Bits, Rate)


GRAIN SIZE: Grain duration in milliseconds. Range of 0-800ms
TEMPO: Adjust grain size relative to the tempo
RANDOM: Random variation of grain size
DENSITY: Overlap between grains. Set below 1.0 for sparse blips, 2.0 or above for a thicker sound or if alternating between two pitches (but it uses more CPU).
DIRECTION PLAYBACK: Set the grain playback direction to forwards, reverse, alternating forward/reverse, or random for each grain


DELAY TIME: Delay time before grains play (0-4.0 sec or synced to beats)
SYNC: Sets the delay time in seconds or quarternote beats
RANDOM: Randomize grain position in the delay line (100% = anywhere from zero to delay time)
FEEDBACK: Feedback from grain output back to delay input


MAIN PITCH: Playback speed for each grain, to vary the pitch up/down to 2 octaves
DE-GLITCH: Phase-align grains for smoother pitch shifting
* Disable if not needed to reduce CPU load
ALT PITCH: Even grains have this value added to their pitch, odd grains have it subtracted
RANDOM PITCH: Random pitch variation for each grain


ALT PAN: Alternating pan for each grain. Use with Alt Pitch to tune one side up and the other side down
RANDOM PAN: Random pan for each grain


LOW CUT: HighPass filter before output and delay feedback.
RELEASE: Release time of limiter before output and delay feedback
* Set to low values for saturation/distortion.


BITS: Bit reduction (2.0 - 16.0 bits)
RATE: Downsampling rate

Effect use Soft Bypass.
Use CV inputs to control the main parameters with external CV source curves.


v. 1.0.3:
- Improved GUI elements
- New patches + bonus patches by Challism



Released: 2018-11-13
Version: 1.0.3