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HarmBode Frequency Shifter

Freq Shifter / Ringmod


  • • Variation of rare analogue Bode (TM) FreqShifter
  • • Half of RingMod effect, used in Moog (TM) System
  • • Shift freq work in ± 5kHz. Also Ringmod FX!

Audio examples

Introducing a variation of a legendary analog frequency shifter.

HARMBODE shifts the spectrum of a signal by a fixed amount. BODE™ Shifter is not a pitch-shifter, but allows you to shift inharmonics in Hz.
Sometimes it can sound like a ring modulator effect, but with HARMBODE it is possible to get an upshifted and downshifted signal.
With some settings you can hear the effect known as “Barberpole flanger” as well as a 90 degree phase shifter.

The original analog Bode 735 Freq Shifter™ was designed by Harold Bode in the 1960’s and was also used in the Moog™ modular system (as module 1630).

HARMBODE was been inspired by this Bode freq shifter™ in Reason Rack Extension format.

Today Freq shifters popular in world of guitar pedals and modular synths, in world of software synths and FXs.

Try the legendary freq shifter in your Reason rack today!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible