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MidBooster Mid Freq Booster

Mid Range Freq Booster


  • • Amplify and Warm any incoming signal
  • • Retain character of Overdrive / Distortion in mix
  • • Effective Mid Band Range Parametric EQ Booster

Audio examples

MIDBOOSTER is a modern parametric booster which allows adjustments to be made to the midrange frequencies of an incoming signal using parametric tuning. It can be used in your mix to add new midrange frequencies or to cut out those which aren’t required.
The device is useful for solving any problems with frequency balance, e.g. if the sound of the signal is too muddy or muffled. Use MIDBOOSTER to amplify and warm any incoming signal.

The main feature of this effect is the parametric midrange equalizer.

MIDBOOSTER can be a used as a substitute for the guitar “Screamer” effect. Many distortion and “muff” effects pedals cut out a lot of the frequencies in the midrange. If two guitars in the band are playing at the same time, the midrange frequencies fight with each other which results in them almost not being heard at all. In this scenario, use of a midrange booster will help you retain the character of your favorite overdrives and distortions in the mix.

In some cases when a signal processed through effects has a fat midrange it can sound unnatural. 

With MIDBOOSTER, you can remove redundant frequencies and enjoy a perfect signal as never before!

Remember, this device is not not just a booster or gain effect, this is a parametric frequency booster. MIDBOOSTER can create completely new tones for your incoming signals, enhancing the character of the signal texture by adding more tone colours and a little extra midrange saturation.

Classic distortion effects are usually limited to High/ Low frequency control with loss of the midrange. Having additional control of the midrange makes it possible to achieve new and richer sounds with your distortion, overdrive or fuzz effects.

The Bandwidth Octave Selection control morphs the frequency sweeping control through the softer/wider peaks to the sharper/steeper peaks in a clockwise direction.

MIDBOOSTER sounds fantastic on overdriven heavy amps and pedals, drums, rhythms and loops. When paired with an overdrive or distortion effect your signal will immediately become clearer and more powerful.

MIDBOOSTER is guaranteed to help improve the sound of your signal.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible