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PhaseTool Phase Invertor Mixtool

Phase Invertor Mixtool


  • • Convert Stereo to Mono, add Extra Widening to 150%
  • • Phase Inverter: Off / L+R / Only L / Only R
  • • Swap L/R channels, Balance control

Introducing new Mixtool utility for Reason.
PhaseTool include few fundamental basic controls.

POLARITY is a phase-inversion selector. This is usually used for phase-cancellation. Include 4 modes (Off, Stereo L+R phase inversion, Only Left and Only Right phase inversion)
Swap Left and Right channel inputs
BALANCE Control - Balance of Left and Right input channels
 - Convert Stereo signal to Mono (0%) or add Extra Widening effect to Stereo signal (up to 150%). Work only on stereo signal

Small but useful helper utility to save your time. 

Try PhaseTool Mixtool in your Reason rack today!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible