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Pipeline Pressure Control

Pipe Pressure FX


  • • Pressure control
  • • Selectable pipe types
  • • Sound out from the pipe

Video clips

Take full control of the water network right from the Reason rack. Adjust the pressure in the pipes, the flow rate, and even eavesdrop on what is happening on the other side of the pipe or inside it

Product details

By passing a signal through a pipe, you simulate analog filtering. When a signal passes through a pipe, harmonics saturate according to the selected pipe type.

With this effect is available:
- 22 types of pipes
- pressure monitoring by means of a valve
- visual control
- correction of the signal level at the pipeline inlet and outlet

The device is a means of monitoring the signal in the underground communication environment. This is one of the most recent techniques for check mixing control in our days (This is certainly a joke device and intresting effect)


v. 1.0.1: - add up/down buttons and icons for Pipe Type - change valve graphic with position point - add display for Pressure (Dry/Wet)



Released: 2018-04-30
Version: 1.0.1