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ReGain Audio Gain Assistant

Add just a touch of dB


  • • Simple intuitive level adjustment tool
  • • Pre and Post metering
  • • Lag control for in-the-mix editing

Add a touch of level perfectly

Product details

ReGain Audio Gain Assistant does exactly what it says on the tin. Apply fixed dB level values to your channel strips easily and efficiently without the need to twiddle with faders or knobs to get that exact step amount you want.

On the back you get an indicator of the dB setting too, so no matter where you are in the rack you'll know just what has level change has been applied and where.

Drop it in the rack, decide if you want instant dB step gaining or a smoother lag control for in-the-mix operation. So easy to use you won't even need a manual.

MIDI Table: CC12 - dB setting CC13 - Lag on/off

Also comes with a Patriot based Metering display, so you can see your levels as you mix.

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Released: 2017-12-14
Version: 1.0.0