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Stereo Converter

Stereo Effect

Le Note Live Software

  • • mid/side microphone simulation

The “Stereo Converter” of the rack extensions creates a stereo environment that simulates the mid/side microphone. The effect is perfectly mono compatible and does not alter the original sound. The knob “Pan” affects only the source signal. The knob “Level” selects the amount of stereo effect and the switch “On SIde” allows you to compare the sound with effect and the sound without effect. It is advisable to start from the value 0 of the knob “Level” increasing it until you hear the stereo opening. It is preferable not to exaggerate with this adjustment in order not to have too much difference in volume between the original sound and the effected sound. The “Reflected” setting is used both to balance the left and right channels (using the Vu Meter), and to make the final sound similar to the original (using the “On Side” switch to compare sounds). For percussive sounds a “Reflected” setting between 10-20 msec is recommended. The “High Pass” filter only adjusts the stereo sound and allows you to make the low frequencies less open and more central in the stereo space. The “Mono” switch allows you to check the behavior of the sound in monophony. The “Send” and “Return” can be used to use extra effects on the stereo signal.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible