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ThndrVerb Algo Reverb

Algorithmic Reverb


  • • 25 well-known Hardware Algorithms
  • • Parallel & Feedback processing with Shift & Delay
  • • Tone Edit, Pitch Mod, Time scale at Low Frequency

Audio examples

THNDRVERB is a flexible algorithmic reverb processor for your personal needs for room shapes with various reverberation types. This is your new Reverb-companion effect for Reason Rack.

The main section of this device is the ALGOVERB section. It includes 25 categorized reverberation modes from classical rooms and halls to various places and well-known hardware reverberation algorithms. It includes Rooms, Halls, Plates and Places. All ALGOVERB reverberation modes are algorithmic reverberations, no one IR impulse is used.

ALGOVERB can be used in Main Only mode (when all other sections is disabled), or in Parallel and Feedback modes with the next sections: Main & Feedback Tone, FeedVerb, FeedShift and Magnet 8- Head Tap Delay.

The TONE section helps to improve your signal for the Main and Feedback routing with Low/Mid/High settings like Mid EQ, LP & BP filters, control of reverb time scale at Low frequencies, progressive loss of high frequencies at the reverb tail.

FEEDVERB section is an additional Reverberation section for Parallel or Feedback signal processing. It is based on 7 algorithmic reverberation types with High frequency Tone loss at FeedVerb tails, Mid band EQ and Pitch-Modulation of the reverb for a richer sound.
FEEDBACK Warning! If you listen the Oscillation of the Feedback, quickly turn the Feedback level down. Always be accurate with Feedback level control.

The FEEDSHIFT section works like a Feedback Pitch & Formant Shifting. It includes Linked or individual L/R channels, pitch shift control by semitones, Formant shift with keytracking control, frequency quality and latency control of the shift changes, and FREEZE Loop (freeze the current spectrum).

The MAGNET section is a 8-Head Tap Delay with feedback, time and 1-8 Head level control, that helps to create your own rhythms and textures.
The LIMITER section includes limiting signal recovery time control with Drive maximizer up to 60 dB, to compensate for any device section levels or adding some drive.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible