Goodbye Authorizer, Hello Companion!

Hi Reason gang!

Today we’re happy to tell you that Reason+ Companion has become Reason Companion and replaced Authorizer for all Reason 12 music makers. Now everyone will handle their Rack Extensions in the same way, no matter if you own a license or are a Reason+ subscriber.

A positive effect of (and one of the technical reasons for) the new offline mode in Reason 12.6 was that we could cut the last ties to underlying legacy systems. This allows us to phase out Authorizer and make Companion accessible to all Reason users.

If you’re already using Companion, you will notice improvements to device handling. It’s a much smoother experience with a snappy device view which you will appreciate if you have a lot of Rack Extensions. There are also some minor additions, like the direct link to the Reason application under My Reason.

So, time to say Goodbye Authorizer, my old friend… and let’s move on to the same great user experience for everyone.

Cheers for now,
Sara Roos

PS. Reason Companion is M1/M2 native.


The details

Reason 12.7 is the first Reason version where Authorizer is not included in the installer. If you already are a Reason user, we won’t automatically uninstall Authorizer for you since you might want to keep it for previous Reason versions. If you intend to make music in Reason 12 only, we strongly suggest uninstalling Authorizer because it is no longer needed.

Reason Companion is available to all Reason 12 users. If you are running Reason+ Companion, it will prompt you to update to Reason Companion. If not, Check for updates in the Reason+ Companion/Help menu to update.

With Reason 12.7 you need Reason Companion to handle your Rack Extensions. If you don’t have it on your computer, you will be prompted to download it when starting Reason 12.7.

For even more details go to our Companion FAQ article.