Mix & Mastering Rig 4

There’s nothing quite like great music passing through a great signal chain in the hands of a great engineer.

The Mix and Mastering Rig brings together some of the best Rack Extensions in the Reason rack, all with one clear goal in mind: taking your mixes to the next level.

With meticulous recreations of classic compressors that have been studio mainstay since the 1960s, sound and coloring devices, and creative effects the Mix and Mastering Rig gets you the sounds from your favorite records because it includes the same classic hardware, and then some.

To help you nail that sound, veteran engineer/sound designers J Chris Griffin (Madonna, Kanye West, John Legend) and Jermey Janzen (Nucleus Soundlab) have crafted a library of hundreds of Combinator patches to recreate some of their signature vocal chains, effects presets and more.

Add to that almost 3 hours of instructional videos from Ask Video and you won’t just come away knowing how to use your new devices better, you’ll know how to use all of Reason better.

High-quality video content provided by AskVideo

  • 37 Plugins
  • 1 ReFill
  • 71 Videos
  • 340+ Presets


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  • Selig Gain 03:09

  • The RE200 & RE202 Enhancers 03:05

  • Polar Overview 03:09

  • NEW! ModularRE Multi-Effect Processor
    Red Rock Sound presents a new form-factor for the Rack Extensions - rack in the rack. A complete solution for any audio signal type, whether it be drums, vocals or a synthesizer. ModularRE supports 6 modules: two compressors, two equalizers, a De-esser and a Colorizer.

  • NEW! Selig ColoringEQ
    The Selig ColoringEQ Rack Extension provides advanced professional EQ and Filtering tools for mixing and mastering work, as well as offering many inspiring saturation options for production and sound design. From subtle euphonic EQ/saturation effects to dramatic filtering and distortion applications, ColoringEQ covers them all while keeping things simple by using a familiar interface: EQ!

  • NEW! TS-1 Time Slider
    TS-1 Time Slider is an audio delay built especially for tweaking the timing of the tracks in your song. Much like Slide in the ReGroove Mixer works for MIDI, you can now slide your audio backwards and forwards in time. This can be used both as a tool for fixing takes that are offset, and as a creative groove effect.

  • Kratos 2 Maximizer
    Presenting the latest version of Kuassa’s ooh-so-handy limiter / loudness maximizer: Kratos 2 Maximizer; featuring the new Adaptive Mode for Attack and Release parameters, dithering section, up to 4x oversampling, inter-sample peak detection, and completely redesigned graphics.

  • kHs Gate
    kHs Gate has simple but powerful controls for tuning in the desired effect, and can easily be driven by an external sidechain signal. The gate can also be flipped around to make a signal duck under another.

  • kHs Filter
    Sometimes in life, sound comes with frequencies you don't like. So why not cut them out? kHs Filter is a resonant filter with 7 modes, swiftly getting rid of frequencies you don't like or enhancing frequencies you do. And it's doing it and doing it and doing it good.

  • kHs Transient Shaper
    When you want to carefully tweak the punch of your snare, the ricki-ticki-ticking of your hi-hats or the snappiness of a synth line, Transient Shaper is the right tool for the job.

  • kHs Reverb
    Reverbs, simulating the millions of tiny echoes that naturally bounce off the walls in a room, have become an central part in glueing together sounds in a song. There are likely few tracks today that don't contain reverb in any form.

  • Disperser
    Have you ever wanted to rotate the phases of your signal to create frequency sweeps? Funny, neither had we, but then we tried it and were blown away! Disperser smears high energy transients through space and time without modifying the gain of the sound.

  • C670 Compressor
    The C670 Rack Extension plug-in is a surprisingly flexible compressor in a three knob package. Modeled after vintage equipment valued at over $30,000, the C670 is as classic as they come, in a far more reliable software version complemented by new features not found in the original device.

  • E670 Equalizer
    The E670, like the C670 compressor, is ideal for master buss tracks and instrument groups. Gentle equalization curves impart just the right amount of tone tweak. Vintage output staging colors tracks nicely, without muddying up your mix. Real-time control smoothing gives it an analog gear feel. And it sounds awesome.

  • FRG-4RE Compressor
    The FRG-4RE Rack Extension plug-in is a feed-forward reactive gain compressor (FRG), referred to by McDSP engineering staff as 'the frog'. The FRG-4RE's features include a modern compression topology, separately adjustable attack and release controls, and a wide compression ratio control spread, ranging from nearly 1:1 to 20:1.

  • FRG-EEE Equalizer
    The FRG-EEE equalizer (aka 'froggy') packs a punch at the low and high end using a shelving EQ technique we call frequency resonant gain (FRG). This approach gives the FRG-EEE a little extra near the selected shelving frequency for, well, a little extra.

  • FutzBox
    The FutzBox Rack Extension plug-in is a collection of filtering, distortion, noise generation, and lo-fi effects, coupled with the ability to harness the sound from over 160 devices including walkie-talkies, telephones, radios, and more!

  • Moo Q Equalizer
    The Moo Q Rack Extension plug-in is a software emulation of modern tube-based equalizers. Moo Q goes with audio tracks like milk goes with cookies. Get some Moo in your music with the Moo Q equalizer.

  • Moo Tube Compressor
    How do you get a difficult track under dynamic range control without making it sound compressed and unnatural? The Moo Tube Rack Extension plug-in is the answer. A gentle compression response, styled after popular modern tube-based equipment, the Moo Tube imparts a subtle warm tone change while its compression action rides the input signal levels to perfection.

  • Multiband Compressor
    Compression is one of the most commonly used methods of processing audio in the modern recording, mixing and mastering. This helps to improve the intelligibility of vocals, tame overly aggressive snare drum, and limit the dynamic range through the mix so that the listener does not have to continue to adjust the volume on the playback system.

  • Polar Dual Pitch Shifter
    Who wants a simple pitch shifting device when you can have a pitch shifting, chorusing, vocal doubling, granular sampling, sound experimentation factory like Polar in your rack?

  • Softube FET compressor
    There’s a reason FET compression has been a studio standard for almost 50 years. For drums, vocals, bass, guitars, synths... you name it, it simply sounds incredible through the FET Compressor.

  • Softube Valley People Dyna-Mite
    A secret weapon to some—a hidden treasure to the rest. Squash drums, get a snappy bassline, enhance track dynamics, duck, gate, key or de-ess. The original hardware has a cult following you’re about to join.

  • 4Dyne
    Multi-band compression has been possible in Reason for years, but Flower Audio have brought a truly professional multi-band compressor to Reason for total frequency-aware control of your master bus signal.

  • Faturator
    When “pristine” is a four letter word, you need grit, dirt, and oomph to take your perfect sounds and give them character in your mix. Simple front panel controls give you versatile control for coloring your sounds.

  • DCAM EnvShaper
    Gain powerful control of the shape of transients in your mix. Give kick drums punch, snare drums crack, guitars more jab, and make sure your sounds pop out of your mix and demand attention.

  • DCAM BusComp
    Equally at home on your drums or your master bus, the BusComp gives you big studio bus compression and achieves the magical cohesive glue that brings your mix together in mastering to just sound “right.”

  • DCAM ChanComp
    A perfectly modeled FET style limiting compressor, the DCAM ChanComp is a great compliment to the channel dynamics in Reasons mixer, with built in wet/dry parallel processing control out of the box.

  • Selig Leveler
    A wholly unique approach to compression from Giles Reaves, a mix engineer with a list of bragging rights a mile long. The Selig Leveler, when paired with the right vocalist, can result in transparent compression impossible any other way.

  • Synapse GQ-7
    When you combine five bands of surgically precise and fully parametric EQ with a spectrum display to visualize your signal in real time you’ve got a tool designed from the ground up for pro mixing.

  • EVE-AT4 3-Band Equalizer
    Designed as a tribute to the classic 3 band EQ pioneered by Rupert Neve, the EVE-AT4 delivers character in spades to add sheen, remove mud, and shape tones. Each band imparts color and personality to your sound.

  • Black Knight 5 Band Equalizer
    When precise frequency shaping is needed, there is perhaps no better tool for the job than five bands of fully parametric EQ. The Black Knight provides this and more with a input gain stage to color and drive your signal.

  • RE 202 Exciter
    The first time you hear an exciter on your signal the experience is, pardon the pun, exciting. Exciters don’t just boost existing frequencies, like traditional EQ, they generate new harmonic frequencies adding new life to your signal.

  • RE 200 Bass Enhancer
    RE200 Bass Enhancer is designed for saturating low frequency harmonics, creating the effect of lower, deeper frequencies. This effect can not be created with simple equalization alone. Bring your dull bass back to life.

  • Softube TSAR-1R
    The little brother to Softube’s fully customizable TSAR-1 is every bit as good sounding and also lighter on the CPU. The quality of this digital reverb is unparalleled. If you think all reverb is created equal, you won’t for long.

  • Synapse DR-1 Deep Reverb
    Inspired by high end reverbs of the 1980s, this minimal front panel invites custom shaping of your reverb signal and yields authentic vintage results.

  • RPVerb Effect
    When it comes to a pristine, authentic reverb, it's the algorithm that counts. RP-Verb is the fruit of legendary sound designer Rob Papen's decades-long study of reverb. When Rob Papen gets it right, you know it’s right.

  • Selig DeEsser
    The mixed blessing of modern condenser microphones is that their ability to pick up high frequencies means sibilant vocal frequencies can fry your otherwise perfect mix. Tame the sizzle frequencies you don't want, preserving what you do.

  • Selig Gain
    This Swiss Army Knife of professional gain-related tools is a must-have for any serious mixer. Mono compatibility checks from the press of a button, big-console modeled fade in/out curves, alternate pan decibel laws and much more.

  • G8 Dynamic Gate
    When you take the simple concept of a noise-gate and completely reimagine it as a creative effect, you end up with an advanced noise gate with hysteresis, reject outputs, flip mode, and advanced CV control.

  • Mix & Master Rig ReFill
    With this ReFill you get more than 150 of device patches. Combinator patches and demo songs tailor made for your Mix & Mastering Rig by leading producers and sound designers.

  • Synthetic Rig 4

    If you’re the type of music maker who finds inspiration from the unique characteristics each synthesizer imparts to the creative process, then we’ve sure got some inspiration here for you.
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  • Backline Rig 4

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