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Multi FX Bundle

Creative Sound Design

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • Four gorgeous and powerful units
  • • Add texture, atmosphere & grit
  • • Countless FX combinations

Audio examples

Ekssperimental Sounds Multi FX Bundle contains four quality Rack Extensions:

  • Ouroboros Multi Feedback Chaos Effect
  • SADIST Saturation/Distortion Multi Effect
  • INDSTRLZR Multi Effect
  • FilterChain X8187

Included in this bundle

  • Filter Chain X8187
    Filter Chain X8187
    Experimental 84HP, 3U Multi Effect and 1U Patchloader module Included modules: HighPass 2510 Cuts frequencies from 25Hz up to 10KHz. Comes with built in tube drive for juicy analog overtones....

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  • Industrializer
    INDSTRLZR Multi Effect
    INDSTRLZR is a multi effect inspired by Chris Carter’s legendary Gristleizer , a device based on a circuit design by Roy Gwinn, published in Practical Electronics Magazine 1975. The...

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    Multi Feedback Effect
    OUROBOROS Multi Feedback Chaos Effect – Add atmosphere, texture, warmth, grit, or screaming mayhem to your tracks! OUROBOROS consists of four sound effects, a noise generator and an LFO. Each...

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  • SADIST Saturation Distortion
    SADIST Multi-Effect
    SADIST Saturation/Distortion is a multi effectbox that comes with 20 unique modules arranged in 4 categories: Saturation, Compression, Amp/FX and Drive. Each category has a CV duty bypass state...

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