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Resonators Bundle

Sound Design History


  • • Huge set of Resonance Filter Arrays
  • • Inspired by iconic hardware devices
  • • Sound of earliest FX processing

This bundle includes all main Resonators in sound design history. From the early stage of the first synthesizer effects (that create the fundament of the Resonators effects in music industry), up to the classic and modern MuRFA series of the Multi Resonance Filter Array effects. These are all Resonators effects, but all of them have their own character and sound from 70th and 80th, up to the actual modern devices. We create a collection of the main Resonators in the music industry lifetime, to produce the sound characters and creative possibilities of the various periods of music technologies.

Included in this bundle

  • AniMuRFA Multi Resonance Filter Array
    Animated Filter Array
    A device based on the well-known hardware pedal (MOOG® MF-105™) in the synthesizer and guitar worlds as world-class effects. This is an 8-band resonance filters array and “Animation”...

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  • MuRFA24 Multi Resonance Filter Array 24
    Multi Resonance Filter
    MuRFA24 is an actual look at the very rare and special device, custom-made by “Formula Sound” for sound producer and musician Patrick Gleeson as one exclusive unit. Later,...

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  • PolyRes Resonator
    Poly-band Resonator
    POLYRES was inspired by the Resonators section in one of the first polysynths - Polymoog™ synthesizer. The resonators consist of three parallel filters, globally switchable between HP, LP and BP...

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  • Reasonator Acoustic Resonance Emulation
    Perfect Acoustic FX
    A Resonator is one of the many underrated and esoteric effects that can sound fantastic. Once you use it - you will want use it over and over again. It is a very musical sounding natural effect...

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  • STRNGFLT String Filter
    String Filter
    STRNGFLT is a modern look to the old and rare classic of early electronic sound design. The original STRING FILTER was designed by R.A. WOOG and produced by the WOOG CUSTOM ENGINEERING Department....

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