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FlexaComp Compressor

Punchy VCA Compressor


  • • Flexible Punchy Dynamic VCA Compressor
  • • Inspired by known Compressors in pedal form-factor
  • • Creates cohesion and punch in your mixes

Audio examples

FLEXACOMP is a flexible punchy dynamic compressor, inspired by the well-known series of VCA hardware compressor pedals (Dynacomp™) from MXR® and it’s modifications.
The wide range of Attack & Release times with Ratio (from 1:1 up to 20:1) gives it flexibility for use with various instruments, such as bass, guitar, synthesizers, drums and vocals.

What is the VCA compressor?

Like the SSL Bus Compressor and many others, which uses a VCA chip, so the envelope and ratio works in dB, not linear voltages.
VCA is a “Voltage Controlled Amplifier”. And it works in a compressor as an attenuator (turns the signal down when it’s fed a certain control voltage).
VCA usually has main (carrier) and control (modulator / sidechain) signals.
When the control signal level changes, the “curve” of how it gets to the wanted gain reduction is different. FlexaComp compressor, a VCA compressor, includes the sidechain with a level detection circuit (with configurable envelope detector).


Main Controls

  • FLEXACOMP as ultra compressor, includes 5 compressor modes:
  • Flexa (modern flexible VCA punchy compressor with a wide range of parameters),
  • Dyna (inspired by a well-known Dynacomp™ pedal by MXR®, with static Attack and Release values),
  • Ross (known modification of Dynacomp™ by MXR®, with controllable Release and limited Ratio range),
  • KillyPro (inspired by Keeley® Compressor Pro™ pedal, based on Dyna/Ross™ comp modifications curcuity),
  • KillyBass (inspired by Keeley® Bassist™ compressor)

Each compressor mode is based on its own parameters range and has its own compression character, but present as a dynamic VCA compressor.
The heart of this compressor is a Sidechain Envelope Detector, that makes FLEXACOMP the ultimate production compressor.
The internal Envelope Detector circuit block is based on 3 main (Punch, Fast, Smooth) modes and includes Low Frequency & High Frequency detectors, Attack & Release detectors. All these settings help to make a flexible punchy compressor. Use it with configurable envelope detection for additional Attack/Release smoothing and shaping in compressor processing.

Try out FLEXACOMP, the easy-to-use flexible dynamic VCA compressor with configurable envelope detector, based on the most-known compressor pedals.

If you are going to have one mix buss compressor that needs to cover a lot of different sounds, then a stereo VCA compressor is a smart choice.
FLEXACOMP as VCA compressor, creates cohesion and punch in your mixes.
It can sound transparent like the SSL® Bus compressor™, API® 2500™ and other big VCA brothers, but also like pedal VCA compressor legends, based on Dynacomp™ modifications.

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Mac OS compatible Windows compatible