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StudioComp Compressor

Classic FET Compressor


  • • Boutique comp for BASS, GUITAR & other signals
  • • Inspired by known Compressors in pedal form-factor
  • • From Subtle peak limiting to Squashed compression

Audio examples

STUDIOCOMP is an easily controllable and flexible compressor inspired by the well-known hardware compressor pedals (Bass Compressor™ and Studio Compressor™) from MXR®.

The wide range of Attack times (up to the 800ms) and Release times (up to the 1.1s) with Ratio (from 4:1 up to the 20:1) helps to make STUDIOCOMP a flexible compressor for BASS, Guitar or any other incoming signals.
The basic compressor controls (Attack, Release, Ratio, Input and Output) make it easy to fine-tune your sound compression level from subtle peak limiting to squashed compression with visual feedback.

STUDIOCOMP also includes a Threshold control (with range -60 .. 0 dB), that sets the audio level above which compression is applied.

Available RATIO steps 4:1, 6:1, 8:1, 10:1 work more as compression, whereas steps 12:1, 16:1. 20:1 work more as a limiter.

SLAM option Boosts the compression ratio so much so that the output gets quieter as the input gets louder.

STUDIOCOMP based on three special Attack modes:

  • FAST attack time from the original pedal (20..800 mcs). Adds weight to a sound, great for “too much snap” drums, useful with vocal.
  • MAIN studio compression (800 mcs .. 20 ms). Moderate attack time is great for dynamic control, brass, bowed strings, vocal, guitar, more aggressive bass, drums compression.
  • SLOW attack time (20..800 ms). Mostly used on drums for punchy and transparency sound. 30ms attack time is nice to use as drum buss compresion.

Try out STUDIOCOMP, the easy to use transparent compressor with plenty of headroom and clear perfomance from the Bass and Guitar world.

  • Includes 22 Combinator 2.0 patches with various settings of Compression.

Also try our RackExtension FLEXACOMP Boutique VCA Compressor, includes the sidechain with a level detection circuit (with configurable envelope detector). Based on world-known Dynacomp™ pedal modifications.

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