Turn2on Pitch Bundle

Pitch / Transpose kit


  • • Creative multimode transpose fx
  • • Neo-Classic Granular Pitch-Shifter
  • • Dry/Wet with grain Resolution size

Pitch Bundle include two of Turn2on’s pitch-shifting effects. This bundle help you to transpose (drop tune with creative modes), pitch-shift, harmonize incoming signals. Main idea is a granular engine with grainsResolution control. This bundle is a modern pitch-shifter kit that can close your needs of pitch-shifting.Save on the full price today.

Included in this bundle

  • Drop and Lift Semitone Transpose FX
    Creative Transpose FX
    DROP’N’LIFT is a creative multimode semitone transpose effect, that can help you re-tune your instrument from 1 semitone (halfstep) up to 2 octaves up or down and much more. ...

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  • Ghammy Harm / Pitch-Shifter
    Neo Classic Shifter
    The GHAMMY effect is inspired by the famous guitar / bass pedal WhammyTM where we have enhanced the original with more features in the same vain. GHAMMY includes three fundamental modes: pitch...

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