BV512 Digital Vocoder
Capable doing of classic robot voices and a whole lot more, the BV512 vocoder is Reason's multi-talented modulation powerhouse.

No studio setup is complete without a proper vocoder, so here it is: the BV-512, superior sound quality, multitalented and advanced - yet simple to use.

Besides being a 4 to 512-band vocoder capable of modulating sound in both old-school analog style and digital FFT fashion, this unit also doubles as a fully automated equalizer with a twist. The BV-512 can be used for everything from classic robot vocals to weird harmonic effects.

To Vocode

A vocoder takes two input signals, the carrier, which provides the pitch, and the modulator, supplying the characteristics.

Traditional vocoders require you to sing into a microphone while playing a keyboard. Not this one - with the BV-512 you can combine any two sound sources. Try vocoding your percussion track with the bass line or the string pad with the rhythm guitar.

The Bands

A vocoder splits the incoming audio into a number of frequency bands. More bands gives you more control and more detail. Where most vocoders max out at eight to sixteen bands, the BV-512 gives you up to, you guessed it, 512 bands. In 4-band mode, the BV- 512 provides a gritty, analog, lo-fi sound. The 512- band setting is another beast altogether. In this mode, a digital 1024-point FFT-based algorithm provides the clearest, most detailed and most audible vocoding you ever heard from a computer.


Like all other Reason devices, the BV-512 Vocoder can be fully automated, band level settings included. Record your front panel actions, or use the pen tool to draw in layers upon layers of wild frequency changes. The Shift knob is just one example of a control that's dying to be automated. One session with BV-512 and you're hooked for life.

Equalizer mode

A flick of a switch turns the BV-512 into a 4 to 512 band stereo equalizer. Use the higher settings for detailed control of the spectrum.

Or try the four and eight band modes for a decidedly more lo-fi sound that adds an unmistakable vocoder "color" to your input signal…

Vocoder 101 8:07

Vocoder Micro Tutorial 2:52