The MClass Mastering Suite
Want big, tight, loud sounding tracks? Need extra stereo width, increased clarity, punchier bass?
Say hello to MClass, Reason's magnificent mastering suite.

MClass brings you four separate pro level mastering units designed to add power, presence and an overall professional feel to your Reason mixes. Load up the MClass tools as a complete mastering suite in the Combinator for finalizing whole mixes, or use the units separately. Apart from being logical and user-friendly, the MClass tools sound good. Audiophile good. These units can compete with the finest mastering tools out there, software or hardware.

The MClass Equalizer

The MClass Equalizer is a 4-band, professional level mastering EQ with low and high shelving bands, two peak filters and a low cut switch. The MClass Equalizer lets you make subtle or drastic frequency adjustments to your Reason mixes, and make them sound a touch more final: clean up that muddy bottom end, add shimmer to your cymbals, bring out the vocals. With its transparent sound and precise sound sculpting features, the MClass Equalizer is a tool you can trust.

The MClass Stereo Imager

No mastering suite is complete without a tool for controlling the stereo image. The MClass Stereo Imager splits the incoming audio into low and high frequency bands, and lets you adjust each independently. Increasing the width for the high band while making the low band slightly more mono gives you wide, open sounding mixes with a tight low end. The Stereo Imager is best suited for treating whole mixes, but feel free to use it on individual sounds and see where it takes you.

The MClass Compressor

All mixes will benefit from a touch of mastering compression and the MClass Compressor will do just the trick. Designed to add punch and definition to your Reason tracks, this single-band compressor sounds simply amazing. The MClass Compressor features a sidechain input for advanced compression tricks such as ducking or de-essing, a soft-knee mode for smooth, musical compression and CV out for dynamically controlling other Reason devices.

The MClass Maximizer

Every decibel counts! The MClass Maximizer is an advanced tool designed to maximize the volume of your Reason tracks, without crushing them or introducing other unwanted artifacts. The Maximizer features a Limiter section - with switchable look-ahead, for distortion-free brickwall limiting - and a Soft Clip section which gently rounds off the edges. Set your input gain and adjust the attack, release and clip amount settings for a loud, proud sound.

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