NN-19 Sampler
The NN-19 is a quick and easy to use sampler that’s perfect for creative sampling work, where ease of use and automation of every kind of sound parameter is important. For more complex instrument sampling work, turn to NN-19’s bigger sibling: the NN-XT.

With its bare bones approach to sample handling, the NN-19 is perfect for anyone who's looking for a sampler that can treat its samples with lots of modulation and automation. Unlike the NN-XT, all of the controls on the NN-19 can be fully automated, making this the sampler of choice for sound mangling duties.

Patches & Samples

There are two ways of getting sound out of NN19: Load a single wav/aiff sample or load a sampler patch.

There are several ways to get sound of ouf the NN-19: load a single wav/aiff sample, load a sampler patch or sample directly into NN-19 with Reason's live sampling

Reason's Sound Library comes with a huge selection of patches for NN-19: strings, organs, effects, synth sounds and much more.

Creating more samples?

Just sample anything you like by pressing the Sample button on NN-19. One sample transposed across the whole keyboard is usually enough to create a useful sound. It is also very likely that the sound will loop quite happily, particularly if you are using the "forward-backward" loop mode. This method really does give Reason infinite sound creation capabilities.

The Matrix, Modulation & Other interesting ideas

Being the tweaker's best friend, the NN19 of course has a great filter section, LFO and envelopes. So yes, you can create countless variations on even basic samples and the NN19 to a large extent behaves like a synth, once we have gone past the initial sampling stage.

But there is more… Turning the NN19 around there are some pretty interesting connection options. For instance, how about controlling the resonance with NN19's own LFO or open the filter with a drum beat from Dr Rex.

Modulation inputs include Oscillator, Filter, Filter Resonance, Level or Modulation Wheel (giving even further options). Modulation out can be sent by the Filter Envelope or LFO and Gate Inputs are available for the Amp or Filter Envelope.

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