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Polysonic Synthesizer

Semi-modular instrument with God-like synthesis power. Build your sounds from 50 years of collected synth history.

Included in Reason+ Reason 12



Where other synths use one specific form of synthesis and one single filter, the Thor polysonic synthesizer features six different oscillator types and four unique filters. What does this give you? An unstoppable monster of a sound generator, Thor utilises synthesizer technology from the last 50 years. With its unique selection of oscillator types and filter designs, the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer is a veritable synth museum. But there’s nothing dusty about this instrument. Thor may have one foot in history, but its sound is pure future.

Thor's oscillators and filters

Thor gets its sound from the oscillator and filter types that you can combine any way you like. Here's a brief presentation of Thor's sound making and shaping components.

Analog Oscillator

A wonderful, true emulation of a straightforward analog oscillator with all the warmth and depth you could wish for.

Wavetable oscillator

Wave table synthesis produces a characteristic sound that is rich and crisp. Features 32 selectable wavetables with variable position and x-fade.

FM pair oscillator

A twin set of frequency modulation oscillators that generates a transparent, highly digital sound. Combine three FM pairs and conjure up the FM sound of the 80s.

Multi oscillator

Loads upon loads of oscillators operating as one give the Multi Oscillator a huge sound. For mix-piercing leads, this is the obvious choice.

Phase mod oscillator

The Phase modulation oscillator uses one of its two waveforms to modulate the other, producing a wonderfully plastic-sounding and unique tone.

Noise oscillator

Part oscillator, part noise generator, the noise oscillator can function as a modulation source to use with other oscillator types. With five types of noise ranging from regular white noise to static, this oscillator adds a nice layer of dirt to your sounds.

Lowpass ladder filter

A nice self-oscillating filter with a Moog-esque warmth to it. Comes with 6, 8, 12, 18 and double 24 -dB slope settings and a filter drive knob for those nasty overtones.

State variable filter

A classic multimode filter of the hi/lo pass, band pass and notch variety. Gets the job done at all times.

Formant filter

This filter mimics a human voice, adding a vowel type effect to your sound. Great for making your patches sing eerily.

Comb filter

This one has a sharp, distinctive sound and severely alters the feel of anything fed into it

Feeling Mobile?

Take Thor with you! Thor has leapt from the Reason rack and onto your iPad. The full power of Thor. The same uncompromising sound quality. A killer onscreen keyboard. Thor for iPad is more than a simple iOS conversion. It's a ground-up design focusing on the opportunities of touch interfaces. With support for key iPad music technologies like WIST inter-app syncing, Audiobus routing, and external MIDI connectivity Thor for iPad just might be a god among apps too.

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