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The art of sampling is constantly evolving. Mimic Creative Sampler brings modern sampling techniques to the Reason Rack for the modern beatmaker and producer.

Included in Reason+ Reason 12

As the art of sampling has evolved over the years, from early attempts to capture real instruments to today’s unrecognizably twisted sonic textures and hooks, samplers have evolved right along with producers’ needs. Mimic is the latest sampler instrument to land in Reason and approaches sampling from that decidedly modern hyper-creative aesthetic.

With four different sample modes to explore creatively, Mimic turns every audio file you’ve got into a potential sound to explore and a new musical idea to discover. And it’s FUN!

In Pitch mode, a sample loaded into Mimic is spread across the keyboard and pitched accordingly. Slice mode automatically chops a sample up, placing each slice on your keyboard for easy juggling and flipping. Multi Slot and Multi Pitch modes make use of Mimic’s up to eight sample slots to create your own multi-sampled instrument.

The front panel of Mimic Creative Sampler lays out quick access to the most common and powerful methods of sample manipulation. Time-stretching sampled audio borrows from Reason’s legendary stretch algorithm and adds new granular and tape modes too. Shape samples using Mimic’s onboard filters, coloration effects, compressor, and EQ.

And with a Reason+ subscription, now every audio preview in every sound pack just became a new sample for you to load into Mimic!


  • Four sample playback modes –Pitch, Slice, Multi Slot, & Multi Pitch
  • Automatic transient slice detection chops samples for you
  • Up to eight sample slots to load your own custom audio samples
  • Unique sound coloring effects and filters
  • Advanced audio time stretch
  • LFO and envelope modulation routing


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