Instruments & Effects NN-XT

Reasonサウンドバンクに納められた何ギガバイトもの詳細で複雑に構築されたマルチレイヤーのインストゥルメントを演奏。またはサンプルを録音してカスタム インストゥルメントを作成。

Included in Reason 11 Intro Reason 11 Reason 11 Suite




The NN-XT is a highly advanced sampler with an impressive list useful features to help you build your own stunningly realistic instrument patches: alternate sample playback, auto-pitch detection, zones with individual parameters and much more. But don’t think for a minute that instrument emulation is all this thing is good for - the filters, the envelopes and the tempo syncable LFOs let you perform some crazy tricks on whatever material you put in there.

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