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Triple Filter Gate

Applying pattern control to gating, filtering and envelope shaping, the Alligator will happily chew any audio passing through its jaws into a completely new sound.

Included in Reason+ Reason 12

Alligator is a three channel pattern-based gate effect that turns bland pads into rhythmic textures, radically twists your loops, and tweaks boring beats into blockrocking breaks. With its three parallel filters, distortion, phaser and delay, Alligator can add rhythm and accents to a flat synth sound, change the feel of a percussion loop, or be a powerful remixing tool.


  • 64 Gate Patterns with selectable Resolution, Pattern Shift, and Shuffle
  • Three resonant Filters, one for each frequency band
  • Drive, Phaser, Delay, Pan, and Volume for each frequency band
  • CV In/Out and individual Audio Outputs for each frequency band

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