ReasonInstruments & Effects Bassline Generator

Bassline Generator does exactly what it says: generate basslines. However, the power of this Player lies in just how well it actually does that.

Included in Reason+

Bassline Generator is a Player made for cooking up new basslines fast. Use the immediate interface to mix, match, and modulate the tailor-made phrases and find the perfect low-end groove for anything from Techno and House to Neo Soul and Hip Hop, then get hands-on with the built-in note display.

It comes with 100+patches, including Player patches and Combinators with ready-to-go bass sounds.


  • Combine OnBeat and OffBeat Patterns by navigating the display
  • Use the Variator to create pattern variations
  • Make any bassline fit your music with Note Range and Minorness
  • Totally customize and sequence your bassline in the Note Display
  • Control the root note from another device and sequence over CV

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