ReasonInstruments & Effects Europa

Shapeshifting Synthesizer

From stacks of buzzing sawtooths to shimmering sonic explorations, Reason’s monster synth has you covered.

Included in Reason+ Reason 12

A wavetable synth at heart; Europa is the most powerful, most modern and biggest sounding synth for your next track and the many more to come. The heart of Europa is its three spectral wave engines, where waveforms are loaded and warped through traditional wavetable sweeps and spectral waveform modifiers. Add to that a set of unique spectral filters, customizable envelopes, fantastic effects and more and you’ll be ready to realize that Europa isn’t just the greatest synth to arrive in Reason. It’s the greatest synth to arrive. Period.


  • Three Wavetable Oscillators with two Modifiers each
  • Spectral Filters and up to 7x Unison
  • Four customizable Envelopes/LFOs
  • Reroutable Multi Effects
  • Expansive Modulation Matrix

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