ReasonInstruments & Effects Malström

Graintable Synthesizer

Fusing the best parts of granular and wavetable synthesis, it has a sound like nothing else.

Included in Reason+ Reason 12

Malström creates its otherworldly sounds using Graintable technology. Never heard of it? Neither had we, we had to invent it. This technology is a cross between granular synthesis and good old wavetable synthesis. With a wide range of built-in graintables, you’ll create anything from lush pads to scary squeals, from the pretty to the gritty. Graintable synthesis makes Malström a truly uniquely sounding synthesizer, ready to add a grain of uniqueness to your music.


  • Unique Graintable Oscillators with individual Envelopes
  • Two Graintable Modulators for evolving sounds
  • Shaper and Filters for sound sculpting
  • Inputs and Outputs to combine Malström with other devices

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