ReasonInstruments & Effects Polar

Polar is an old school harmonizing and pitch-shifter effect with a host of modern tricks up its sleeves. Use it for classic harmonizing, stereo-widening, and realtime pitch-shifting, or experiment with buffer looping and audio freezing to create otherworldly effects.

Included in Reason+

Load up Polar in the rack, and it will instantly make your sounds wider. Introduce slight pitch-shifting to make it even bigger. Turn the Shifters to add harmonics โ€” up to two octaves above โ€” or radically change the pitch down to two octaves below. Finish up your patch by turning on the filter, manipulated by the built-in LFO and envelope.

If you are a singer, producer, guitarist or remixer who is looking for transparent pitch-shifting, creative ways of turning bland recordings into wide, evolving soundscapes โ€” or want to completely mangle a sound into an interesting mess, Polar brings all this and much more to your Reason rack.


  • Four re-pitching algorithms for different flavors
  • Delay your sound or freeze it in place with Lock
  • Two Pitch Shifters with Feedback for harmonies or special effects
  • Play the Pitch Shift from your MIDI keyboard
  • Sculpt your signal with the Filter
  • Control and modulate Polar using CV inputs

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