ReasonInstruments & Effects Scenic

Hybrid Instrument

A cinematic dream machine of atmospheric sounds, textures and powerful performance controls.

Included in Reason+

Scenic combines an advanced sound design engine with an inviting user interface. When composing, use the clock handles of Scenic’s performance controls to quickly animate or try out variations to your sound. If you want to go deep or create your sounds from scratch, switch to EDIT mode to dive into Scenic’s sound sculpting tools.

Scenic is built around two discrete sample engines. Each can play samples in a regular fashion or have its Granular Engine turn the sampled material into tiny grains of sound. These grains can be set to play back in any number of ways, resulting in a distinctly surreal sound that goes well with the sonic territory Scenic is set to carve out.

The sounds in scenic are created from the 100+ multi-sampled instruments and sound effects built into the instrument. With a comprehensive filter suite, an advanced modulation matrix. five separate effect processors and a set LFO and pulse generators, the sound design power of Scenic is truly awesome.


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