Introduction Thor elements

Before we go into the sound creation techniques, let’s begin with the basic stuff.

Checking out the factory patches

  1. To load a patch in Thor, tap the patch name:

    The patch browser opens. Here, all available patches are displayed.

  2. Tap on a patch in the list - or first tap on a patch group (with a > symbol) and then on a patch.
    • If you accidentally opened a new patch before saving your previous one, your last edited patch can be reloaded at the top of the list, in the “Last Edited” section!
    • Alternatively, tap on a tab at the bottom of the browser to switch to another patch library.

      The tabs at the bottom contains the Factory Sound Bank patches (Sound Bank), Template patches, My Patches (patches you have created on the iPad) and the Inbox patches (patches that have been e-mailed to you, or patches you have downloaded from the Internet, or patches you have imported from another app on your iPad or from iTunes on your computer).

      You can try out the patches by playing the virtual keyboard, while still in the patch browser.

  3. When you have found the patch you are looking for, tap outside the patch browser to close it.
    • You can also load patches by stepping through them using the arrow buttons on either side of the patch name.

      This lets you step through all the patches of the currently selected tab, or patch group, in the patch browser.

      To switch tab, you have to open the patch browser, as described in steps 1-3 above.