Thor elements Editing and creating patches

The Controller panel contains the Keyboard Modes and Note Trigger section, four virtual (freely assignable) controls, Pitch Bend Range selector and Master Volume knob.

The Keyboard Modes section

In this section you make basic keyboard related settings for a patch. It has the following options:

Function Description
Polyphony This setting determines the number of voices that you can play simultaneously when Polyphonic mode is selected. The maximum number of voices also depends on the specs of your iPad.
This governs the number of voices that are allowed to naturally decay/ring out (in the release phase of the envelope) when new notes are triggered and Polyphonic mode is selected. E.g. if you set this to “0”, any new note(s) will cut off the release of any previously triggered notes.
Mono Legato Mono Legato mode is monophonic regardless of the Polyphony setting. It works as follows:
  • Hold down a key and then press another key without releasing the previous.

    Notice that the pitch changes, but the envelopes do not start over. That is, there will be no new “attack”.

Mono Retrig Mono Retrig is also monophonic and this mode means that when you press a key the envelopes are always retriggered.
Polyphonic This is the standard polyphonic play mode - you can play the number of voices set with the Polyphony parameter.
The knob is used for controlling portamento - a parameter that makes the pitch glide between the notes you play, rather than changing the pitch instantly as soon as you hit a key on your keyboard. By turning this knob you set how long it should take for the pitch to glide from one note to the next as you play them. There are three basic portamento modes:
  • Off means no portamento.
  • When set to On, portamento is applied to all notes.
  • In Auto mode, there will only be any portamento when playing more than one note. If any of the Mono modes are selected, portamento will only affect the legato notes.

The Trigger section

Using the buttons in this section you can select in what way Thor will respond:

The section also has a Note On LED indicator.

About the assignable controls

About the button key note function

To the right of the two assignable buttons there are corresponding displays. These can be used to assign a key for turning the button on momentarily, as long as the key is depressed.

The Pitch Bend Range parameter

Master Volume

This is the main output volume control for Thor.